About Us

At the Physique Factory we are devoted to creating better athletes. Our unique technology provides coaches with a platform to track and manage their athletes and teams’ training, whilst providing an app for athletes to enter results, analyse individual performance and track what, when and how to train.

Our combined service ensures we collaborate with athletes, coaches and organisations to maximise results, performance and sporting excellence.

By using our unique app, each and every athlete has the ability to train as if they were elite. Whether that’s through assigned plans by connecting with coaches or using our accredited UKSCA performance plan generator, our platform provides the capability for all athletes to progress and outperform in their given sport.

Our platform aims to drive efficiency through the entire coach-athlete process so that viewing, editing and analysing athletes, performance plan management and the coach-athlete interaction becomes effortless.

Together, we offer a collaborative solution to help athletes excel in their sporting ability and coaches to drive and manage their team’s performance.