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Use our innovative platform to monitor the progress of your athletes and compare them against one another and elite athletes

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Upload your training programs onto our servers to have them show up on your athletes accounts

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Connect With Clubs

Use Our Systems To Manage Your Sports Club And Track Club Progress And Competitions

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Complete Oversight

Our online platform gives you instant access to all your clients data in one place, so you can monitor their progress and fine tune performance programs

Better Control

You can remotely control all aspects of each athletes training program, including the duration for which they train and the desired intensity of training

In-App Communication

Communicate with each athlete through the online platform. This includes the ability to make instant changes to performance programs and messaging functionality

Easy to Use

Our online platform has a clean design pattern to ensure it’s easy to use. Simply log in and get started

Full Support

You’ll have access to a dedicated team who are focused on ensuring you get all the support you need. Just email

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We regularly update our app to enhance the service we provide to you.

About us

At the Physique Factory we are devoted to creating better athletes. Our performance programs help athletes to become faster, stronger, more agile and more powerful, whilst reducing the frequency of injuries.

Our unique technology uses thousands of pieces of information to grade your athletic ability, track your development and personalise your training journey specifically for your sport or activity. We put you through physical tests aligned to national standards to assess your personal athletic ability and then determine your athletic score - considering strength, speed, power, agility and endurance. This will set the baseline numbers for your training journey.

A bespoke plan – based on your chosen sport and personal level of athletic ability - will consistently evolve as your ability improves. Our team of sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches and sports technicians will ensure that you have the best chance of continuous and consistent development, resulting in better results for you, as a sports person.

Download the app, sign up for FREE and test any of the five areas before going on to develop as an athlete in the most efficient way to date.

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We work with individual athletes, professional sports teams, sporting bodies, universities and schools.