1 Rep Max Calculator

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1 Rep Max Calculator

What Is One Rep Max?

Your One Repetition Maximum (‘1 Rep Max’) equals your maximum exertion. Knowing your 1 Rep Max is useful as it allows us to measure our maximal levels of Strength, which is another way to benchmark progress. Performing a 1 Rep Max is only recommended for experienced lifters because higher intensities bring greater risk of injury, especially to an inexperienced lifer.

To enable athletes of all abilities to calculate their 1 Rep Max, the Physique Factory have provided a 1 Rep Max calculator. All you have to do is input the weight you lifted and the number of reps between 1-10 performed.

Rest Up

When weightlifting, it's common to rest for between 90-120 seconds between each set. However, when doing 1 Rep Max training you need to make sure you take much longer breaks between each set. Although your muscles may not feel fatigued, your central nervous system and motor units will be and they won't get adequate rest in 90-120 seconds. You also need adequate time to refuel your muscles with phosphagen, their preferred fuel for high intensity exercise. When you get to a set of 2 reps, you need to be resting for about 3-4 minutes between each set. Simply waiting to catch your breath isn't enough!